I ordered the DVD Special but did not get any photos.

The information with the DVD Special offer clearly states no photos included. On the disc you have images and templates to build your own products and print at home or at lab.

Can siblings and/or coaches takes pictures?

Absolutely, just have them together in back of line for individual photos.

My photos came back with my name on it instead of my childs.

You put your name in the Player Information Area. It is clearly marked and we can only assume any information listed by you is the way you want it.

Do we need an order form before individual photos are taken?

No. We shoot all individuals even if only ordering a team photo so we have record of all orders. You will receive order forms with a proof printed on it within min of finishing the ind photos.

What if I don’t like my photos?

We print a proof on the order form. If you are not satisfied with it we will be glad to retake. Everyone should only receive photos they like and ordered from proof

Why do I have to pay for order on photo day?

We deliver to team reps and have no way to collect COD’s. All orders must be paid on Photo Day

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept on the field cash, check, Visa, MC and AE. Make your payment to Customer Service.

Can I fill out order form ahead of time?

No. This can only be filled out after ind photos are taken and proof printed on it.

Can we take the team photo first, Coach has to leave?

No, we do all the individuals first so we have a record of your team. If time is a problem allow extra time so coach can leave on time.

Love the photos. Can I order more?

Yes, just contact us. We will need league name, team name, coach and player name. Price are same as orig but shipping has to be added.

What if the weather is bad on photo day?

We have to make a decision by 5:30AM on Photo Day. Long before we can contact anyone within the associaton. We have to factor in travel and setup time. Decision will depend largly on what we can see on radar and the forecast. We will update the message board on our home page and email coach/team rep if there is any change.

We have more coaches that want coach and child photos than free coupons.

Each team will only receive the number of free coupons agreed upon with your association. Additional photos can be ordered and paid. It is up to you who receives the free coupons.


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