More than a tag line, this is our commitment to you and youth sports photography. This is our dedication to an art form. Photography. It is becoming more Photo Shop than photography by companies owned by investors and entrepreneurs, more concerned with bottom lines, pinching pennies, hiring anyone that can hold a camera, cattle call photo days and providing minimum services and not fulfilling promises.

I want to put the ability to create a unique, quality product in the hands of real experienced photographers, not graphic artists. Work that showcases the athlete not the graphics. No phony fantasy designs or pieced together team photos. CSP offers attractive personalized designs, sport centered backgrounds printed by the leading youth sport lab in the United States. Photos that parents will treasure for years to come.

Creative Sports Photography is not a mom and pop and not a big franchise either. We offer all the popular products the big boy’s do but with true personal service. No flashy website or slick flyers and salesmen. We are photographers first and always. We limit the number of leagues we work with in order to maintain the highest professional quality and true value to leagues and parents. Packages have been designed around parents input, not to maximize profits.

We are the oldest dedicated youth sports photography company in DFW. Since 1972 we have been on the cutting edge, utilizing current technology to provide the very best possible packages and products. From coach gift selections to the funny team photos we think customers first and the relationship and trust we have developed with them. We have worked with many of our leagues for over 30 years!

Transparency is another key to our continued success. No under the table payments to board members, no sport tickets or other gratuities and if you are do a rebate, you will receive it! Everything should be for the kids.

I hope this has helped you see clearly the difference CSP brings to the table. It is hard to convey this in a brief bid proposal where only numbers are compared and a slick presentation and a lot of empty promises sway votes. If you have taken the time to read this, I thank you. We are not a company built for the masses but for a select few. If this sounds like something your league would be interested in, we welcome your input or questions.




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